23 November 2011

Love Story: Feeling Grateful


(Pictures are from my days as a single woman in 2009.  Myself and two others had just started Harvey & had launched our brand at the D&A tradeshow in Chelsea.  Here's our booth at the trade show.)  


As always I am grateful to you.  Your emails, example, and very person never cease to brighten my day, my mood, my outlook on life.  It's like two Fridays ago I was a different person.  I still believed everything I believe now, and believed it deeply.  But now there seems to be so much more evidence for everything I already knew to be true.  I was happy, but not the kind of happy where you can't wipe the smile off your face no matter how hard you try.  Oh...and the uncontrollable laughter, I love it! 

YOU, Mara, are a good friend.

So how do strangers greet each other upon first meeting, cause I gotta be honest...after all that I know about you and the genuine respect and appreciation I feel for you and the way you've lifted me up...I was planning on giving you the biggest hug. :)

Enjoy the rest of your evening, know that I am thinking of you always and smiling :D


Our Harvey branding gave a knod to the West, since all three of the partners were city girls who had roots in the West.  So one day I got this photo from Danny.  He saw this sweater (which he hated) and jokingly thought it could be inspiration for the next collection ;)  haha.


I am absolutely crazy about you.

I am laughing.  And smiling.  And kind of wanting to cry.

I just like you.  A LOT.

AND, OF COURSE, I WILL BE HUGGING YOU RIGHT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!  I've been wanting to hug you since day 1.  :)
Ahhhhhhhh............What would I do without you in my life right now?  I'd be working away without any sparkle in my eye, that is for sure.  And without a little burning pain in my heart (literally) that I get when I care for someone. 

Danny, how do you do it?  How do you say so many things that line up precisely with what I feel/think/dream/care about etc.  That line you wrote about faith is just exactly what I have come to believe in the last year.  The point of life is not for God to make us free of trials, free of divorce, free of cancer & death, etc. so that our lives will just be easy, wonderful, healthy and prosperous around every turn. Truly, "the miracle of faith in God is not that He changes the circumstances of your life, it's that He changes your heart."  That could not have been more well written!!!!!!!!  You amaze me.  And you are saying everything that I know (firsthand!).  I just love it.  Anyway, thank you so very much for sharing all of this with me and sharing with me the details of your day.  I'm so happy to be the recipient and couldn't be more thrilled that you see me as someone to share things with.  

By the way, I love getting to know you this way -  the lack of physical affection will hopefully make our beginning more natural and full of good conversation, cause once we can kiss, that's all we'll want to do.  I am telling you....it is HARD to not have sex again after you've been used to being married and all.  But I am completely dedicated to waiting.  How awesome is it that one day we'll get to experience that newness all over again with a new spouse?  :)  I can hardly imagine how great it will be with my new husband.  It's kind of amazing to be able to choose a partner later in life...after I've learned so much and grown up so much.  Anyway, I just feel like I'll be with someone that is such a greater match for me.  I was still very much figuring out my life in my early twenties.  I chose the partner that I thought was best for me then.  But to be with someone that I get to choose while finally having a strong foundation, a really level head, and a knowledge of what really matters....well, it will just be so much better this time around and I can hardly wait.

Know that I remain soooo very grateful for you, as well.  I walk around the city feeling so alive and happy and vibrant.

Goodnight, dear Danny!  Sleep well and know that I already think the world of you !!!!!



  1. I love reading your letters. They are a wonderful reminder of the need to talk to your partner and compliment them. I'm happily married, but I still need to be better about telling my husband I love him and WHY I love him. Your letters are a fantastic reminder to me about that. So thanks.

    North Meets South

  2. i am grateful for your blog! thank you for sharing your experiences, insights and love. hope you have a very happy thanksgiving!

  3. These letters always bring a smile to my face.

  4. So happy to read about what's going on with you guys! I miss you, my friend! And this blog is absolutely outstanding. It really is!! Happy Thanksgiving Mara and Danny!

  5. Have you guys read/listened to any Abraham-Hicks? Check it out! ;)

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