The Sachajuan Hair Show

Ladies!  I owe you the report from the hair show…..

Sacha did me all curly.  🙂  Prior, he had plans to do my hair straight on stage.  But when I got up there, he announced to the audience that he was going to do it curly (surprise!) & “enhance my natural wave”.   Oh boy, I was crossing my fingers for him.  Cause I knew that he was going to have to use a diffuser to dry my hair.  (I haven’t had good experience with this in the past.)  I normally always air dry my hair (which takes hours!)  But off he went…. cutting my hair in layers, then adding tons of Sachajuan products, then starting up the diffuser……. and…….

The result was great.  We’re talking very full & very fluffy hair.  The audience loved it and when I walked off stage, everyone crowded around to touch my hair.  Kinda funny.

Below are pics from the event, which was crawling with very cool hair stylists from all over the country.

Here’s my curly hair, right after Sacha’s cut.

I now want to go get some bright blue tights!  This stylist from Woodley & Bunny loves to get hers from American Apparel.  One of my favorite sources for tights is We Love Colors.  This was our go to for HARVEY shoots.  (Hint:  The extra large size in the ‘Little Girls’ sizes can sometimes fit adult women.  I wear them cause they are cheaper than the adult size.)

 Turns out on of my favorite hair colorists, Victoria (of Whittemore House)
was also presenting at the show!
 Awesome hair, colored by Victoria.  (She’s all about hair painting, which I think looks so modern and cool.  Way more artistic than foil color with a hair line, don’t ya think?)
 Wow.  There is a nylon stuffed with socks inside her hair.
 I want to go buy some over sized Levi 501s, with rolled up bottoms, and a white V-neck T-shirt from American Apparel.  Whittemore House had all of their models wearing this same outfit.  Kinda tomboy sexy.  Did you notice the lilac tips on this girl’s hair?
 Loved this look by master hair stylist, Coby, of Whittemore House.  I’m a big fan of peplum tops.  The red tights remind me of our very first HARVEY FAIRCLOTH collection we launched in 2009, but I’m still not sick of them. (Thanks to Cup of Jo, we sold waaay more red tights that season than we had anticipated! 🙂
 This model just found out that she was going to have to strip down to an itsy bitsy panty from American Apparel and then have her body “painted” from heat to toe with whatever was in that bottle.  She wasn’t too happy about it.  She had plans that evening…

 Loving the plaid jacket, colorful pancho, and panama hat. 
 I’ve been wanting to get some white oxfords for way too long.  And now I would love to wear them with burnt orange cords and fuschia pink socks.

 Dark rimmed glasses everywhere!  mmm…What do you think is the next coolest look for glasses?
 Still lots of top knots everywhere!
Loving the bright red orange pony tail.  
Heading home from Williamsburg…

Day after the hair show, back to my normal air dried hair.  And loving my new cut & color.  
Thank you Sacha & colorist, Liz Lazo!

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  1. Laurie October 25, 2011 at 1:05 am - Reply

    love your hair!!! you have the best curl i have ever seen!

  2. Gabriella Garcia December 15, 2016 at 4:33 pm - Reply

    Just run into your blog today! Love all your post! Your curls look amazing!Thanks for sharing :))

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