Obsessed With Hair (& Lipstick!)

On Saturday I met with Style Director, Erin Anderson, and Sacha, founder of Sachajuan @ Woodley & Bunny to prep for the big hair show later on Monday.  They are both so lovely & the salon was AWESOME.  Sacha decided to have my hair colored before the show, so Liz went to work and did a great job!  Here are the results so far, haircut by Sacha coming soon…



The make-up artist at the salon loved my lipstick and was dying to know where I got it.  Well, I got tipped off by one of the most stylish J.Crew personal shoppers I’ve seen (Marina Dobreva at Rockefeller Center, 212-765-4227).  She knows her stuff & I LOVE her use of color combinations.  Go to her & tell her Mara Kofoed sent you.  Ok, back to the lipstick:  when I was in the dressing room at J.Crew, Marina (love her name) pulled out some lipstick from her own bag and said YOU HAVE TO WEAR THIS WITH THIS OUTFIT.  PUT IT ON RIGHT NOW.  Well,  she was right.  It was awesome.  So I marched right over to Duane Reade (yes, Duane Reade) to get some.  You have to go to the “fancy” Duane Reades that have “Look Boutiques” (search for one here).  (They have a larger selection of make up brands.)  It’s Vera Moore.  Diva Orange.  (Marina says this is also the same thing as MAC, Lady Danger.)



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  1. Noelle October 18, 2011 at 8:46 pm - Reply

    A makeup artist I worked with a while ago gave me MAC's Lady Danger and I looove it, although it looks much more orange on me than it does on you. It's definitely loud against pale skin like mine, so I save it for nights out.

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